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photos of ourselves !

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Hello all! I have a Regina-realted story which coincides with some photos!

Today at work I was rining up a couple of customers - two young ladies, one was buying a skirt (I work in a womens' clothing store)- when one of the girls commented on my hair. She said:

"You have really wonderful curls!" To which I blushed (I always blush)

"Oh, wow, thanks!"

"They're like... have you heard of Regina Spektor?" She went on,

"Oh my God, YES. She's kind of one of my favourite artists of all time, like, since I was 11!" I was a bit excited. Despite my curls no one has ever told me I looked like Reg before.

"Me too!" She exclaimed, "well not since I was 11, but I love her, she's definitely amazing." We went on gushing about how we both loved Regina's music and I mentioned that I saw her once in concert.

"Me too!" Exclaimed the girl, "it was in Toronto."

"Me too!" I shouted, "like, a long time ago" The girl agrees, starts attempting to count back the years and determine how long ago it was.

"4 years?" I ask,

"yeah! I think so!"

"And Cirque du Soleil was set up beside the venue?"

"Yeah, and it was way out by the water?"

"Yeah! Out past harbourfront! Oh my god!"

"Wow! That was such a good show!"

We talked a bit more and her friend payed for the skirt and they were on their way. Before they left she told me that since I had such similar hair I would totally be able to pull off the little bun-thing that Regina sports in the music video for Fidelity. I'd never tried that look before, so I went home and gave it a shot - here are the pictures.

And if that girl happens to be a 'stixite - heya! You really made my night :)



And one of Reg:


My hair is currently a bit curlier than her's in the video, I'll have to try it again sometime.

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