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Was listening to Kimya Dawson's Thunder Thighs album, track 6 "Zero Or Zillion sports the following lyrics:


As I sit and listen to a kid you clearly influenced
I text and say I'm glad that you're my friend (yay!)
Then leave another perfect time show, feeling inspired and powerful
"The Ghost of Corporate Future" in my head (my fucking head!)
And as I count the ways that I've said "fuck you" to the man
I don't care who thinks that I've sold out or not
Since going barefoot I feel better
That Regina fucking Spektor is a name I'll never be ashamed to drop (Go Regina!)
I saw that little weirdo walk into the open mic, sit down shyly at the piano and then start (Wow!)
Singing songs we'll start to knowing, silly, sad and so mind blowing
They were undeniably straight from the heart (Right from the heart!)


P.S. I'm new here, is there some sort of an introduction topic? :-)

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I wonder if she dressed up this year. I'm sure she doesn't really want to share her costumes anymore after last year's drama  :(


Ooh, probably not. Lame. I get that cultural appropriation can suck...buuut people were really dicks about her geisha costume.

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I am sick of these people who have no connection with a social/cultural group, taking upon themselves the task of speaking for that group. A halloween costume can be anything, that's the point of halloween. Do they honestly think someone dressing as a member of another culture is promoting some kind of racism? That is absurd. A costume is just a costume. There is no cultural context for "YELLOWFACE" and frankly as a black woman I am mildly offended by that suggestion. Blackface was actually a thing, but there is no ethnic group who has been openly mocked with GEISHA COSTUMES. These people need to find something productive and meaningful to do with their lives, rather than villanizing random people for random behavior and attacking innocent people's character. It makes me sick.


The comments are annoying as well, they might was well say "I HATE WHEN ARTISTS GET THINGS SO WROOOONG," "CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS THE SCARIEST THING I'M WITNESSING THIS HALLOWEEN" "WHO CALLS THEM GEISHAS? THAT'S HOMOPHOBIC" The level of willful ignorance these people display is vexing.


Sorry for the rant, guys. I just hate when self-righteous ignorant people prey on the openness created by the internet. I think if people are going to express offense or hurt, it should have an ounce of genuine feature to it. Don't "be outraged" on someone else's behalf, because in the end it's just about having a hobby and making yourself look important to other political correctness nazis.

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