Hey I dreamt about Regina!

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Originally posted by kandi:

Track 07 came on (the one titled *** with her little brother, you knoww) and in my dream (i told the doctor offf... wait no) it was me saying "Regina... Regiiiiina!" trying to wake her up because the teacher was about to ask her a question. Totally strange.

those kind of dreams are so funny. i often listen to classical music when im falling asleep and ill be dream-thinking (cus im still slightly awake), feeling like Im a violin. ^_^ or that my vocal chords are like the strings of the violin n the sound is coming from me.

And Jessica and this woman look at each other, then at me and say, in unison:

"Don't you just hate it when you're at the top of a mountain, only to find out you are ALL the way back at the bottom?"

that was actually a really poetic, cool dream. like sad in a beautiful way.

do you ever write down your dreams down?

I did it for a while about a year ago and it was really cool because after a while of doing it I could remember my dreams a lot more clearly and longer dreams and also i could recall several dreams from every night. it was pretty cool. like u get your own little collection of crazy stories. ^_^

(perhaps this is how regina comes up with her goofy little stories?! probably not but oh wel..)

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Last night I had a Regina dream. I was with my family and we were going to a Regina concert and i was soooo excited, anyway then we were in a restaurant having dinner before the show, and perks was there (with someone else from the stix, but i dunno who) and i noticed they were talking about the show as if it had already happened, and i looked outside and it was really dark, and my mum was like 'oh yeah, we missed the show.'

I started crying and stormed off up the street where i ran into my friend michelle who very conveniently had just seen regina going into this building, so we went up and asked the woman at the door if she'd get regina for us, and she came out and signed my napkin or something, but she looked really upset and didnt smile at me once, but was really nice to michelle which really peed me off.

dreams are weird Confused

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Originally posted by ThePoetsLove:

dreams are weird Confused

They definitely are.

Just the other night I dreamed that I was at a Reg concert, but for some reason I was not paying attention at ALL (Eeker), but then when my mom decided we should leave since I was disinterested, THEN I started griping about how I wanted to stay, and I was wishing I had brought my camera.

It was odd.

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I had a Regina dream last year that I still remember pretty clearly.

My friend and I were working on the Fall play as house management, a job which involves tidying the auditorium before and after each show, helping people find a seat and also to check with the performers and backstage crew to make sure everything is ready to go.

In my dream, I was sitting in Drama class, the classroom being across the hall from the backstage entrance to the auditorium when a big muscular scary guy walks in and asks for me. My friend is behind him, and she tells me to come, so I do, not sure what is going on. We got out of the classroom and he speaks to us. "You girls are house management of this auditorium, correct?" We nod.

"Good, you can prepare the auditorium for a concert tonight," he says, then walks away. We're sort of looking at eachother wondering wtf was going on, when a piano on wheels comes around the corner, on top of the piano is a chair. The two guys rolling the piano asks for our help to move it on to the stage. Luckily, the narrow doors backstage were replaced with velvet curtains, so we easily squeezed the piano through. When we get in, however, Regina is standing center stage doing a soundcheck with the mic. I have a mental spasm, but I walk in there and it's all business. Kristen and I start picking up all the crap on the floor of the auditorium (there was weird obscure crap, too, like...forks and piggy banks and Harry Potter figurines.

After she finishes the soundcheck and all that, she comes up to us and she's all, "I really really appreciate what you guys do..." And we're like, "No prob, Reg, we got your back, blah blah, we love you." And she smiles, and says, "Well, you can hang out backstage with me until the concert." So we do, but I don't remember what we talked about, I only remember that Daniel Radcliffe was there too, which was the real indication that the dream wasn't real.

It was kind of a bummer, because it seemed so real.

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Last night in mt dream I found a charred burnt piano, and I started trying to play it, and then I looked at my hands and they were all black, and my friends was like "Go on Laura, show these people how talented you are.." And of course I can't actually play the piano, and then I decided that I could play some regina, so, magically there was a piano behind me and I looked up the music for Apres Moi, but it didn't work.

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I had a reg dream a few nights ago.

She was preforming up on stage, and for some reason I was just sitting on a stool right next to her. And it was just me listening to her preform and stuff, in front of this huge crowd. And then she starts to play Consequence of Sounds, but then forgot some of it, so I started singing it for her, and then she joined in and we sang the rest of the song together. It was pretty amazing, and I was pretty bummed out when I woke up and realized it was just a dream.

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Originally posted by GeniusNextDoor:

And then she starts to play Consequence of Sounds, but then forgot some of it, so I started singing it for her, and then she joined in and we sang the rest of the song together.

jeez, i wonder where the inspiration for that came from Wink

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i had an amazing regina dream..

it all started out as me and my family eating at a japanese *yum* restaurant that often had open mic and local bands play. well the owner started to put up posters and i asked him if i could have one and he said "you come here so often you might as well help me put them up, son!" i laughed and helped him put up the ads for the next performer and i read it slowly. and it said

REGINA SPEKTOR - THIS Saturday at 6:00. Doors open at 5:00. Limited seating available (60)

i IMMEDIATELY told the owner i HAD to have those tickets and he said they were $55 a seat. so i bummed off my parents and they bought them for me! Then it skipped ahead the day of the concert. and of course i waited at the doors at 4:15 *daniel cowman reference*. and then at 4:32 regina pulled in rather fastly in a new car. and said while opening her car door

"Ugh! im so late! *sigh* Thirty-two is such a god-damned number.." *Odeipus reference*


i ran over to her to help her with her bags and other things *i noticed the PLRB drumstick in her bag* and she HUGGED me! Big Grin then i opened the door for her and helped her set up the stage and GAH it was so life-like! after i had moved her piano and put her setlist neatly in the chair beside her and laid her drumstick on the chair she said

"you must be a really big fan of mine to know where the drumstick goes!"

and i replied "this is my little friend, stool. wassup stool?"


then she hugged me AGAIN and did a sound test while i sat in the audience with no one in it =D

then she said

"all right. i think everything is done here!! now! lets go backstage and hide before the doors open!!!"


so we dashed backstage and giggled about it and she said in a whisper

"since you've helped me so much, here take this backstage pass!!"

*<3 my heart burst at that point*

and i said * *** -reference*

"regina, regina!"

R: what?

me: thanks. you mean so much to me..

and then i told her how much her music had changed me and how many times it had saved mine and jamie's lives.

she then started to cry a little and said

"you are'nt gonna make me cry, im a tough girl from the Bronx"


and she said "go get your seat the show will start soon!"

so i skipped as happy as i could to my seat and sat patiently for her to come out.

she then sat down at her piano seat and coughed quietly. "this song goes out to everyone riding on brumstix" *she exaggerated the CKSSSS in X <3* and played Love-ology <3333

and then she played the following *elaborate dream i know.. this isnt the exact order but i remember she passed out little pieces of paper that had her setlist on them adn i wrote down what i remembered as soon as i woke up*

Ode To Divorce

Bon Idee

Love Affair

Blue Lips

Poor Little Rich Boy




Bobbing For Apples

Love, You're a Whore

Rockland County *she had a beautiful vocal fadeout. it ended like when it cuts off, instead of silence she started softly playing the piano and stopped playing it but the whole time she softly vocalized until it was quiet <3*

Dance Anthem Of The 80's


Ave Maria

Folding Chair

Baby Jesus


Samson *more similar to the Songs version*



On The Radio

*A beautiful BEAUTIFUL* Just Like The Movies

then she took a little pause after playing Open

after eating and drikning lots of water she sang

right at 11:11 she played my favorite, Pavlov's Daughter

Ain't No Cover

Dead Rat


8th Floor

The Virgin Queen

and ended with Another Town

by then it was near 2:00AM and she thanked us and gracefully left the stage. i went back there and thanked her and hugged her and congratulated her and every type of praise

and then i woke up...


i wanted it to be real so bad..

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