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Originally posted by Eats Beats:

Guess what?!?!?

Okay, so I´m in Patagonia right now, about as far south in South America as you can get. Glaciers, icebergs, the works. It´s like a different planet from New York. But something happened today that made the planet seem very, very small.

I was having breakfast in the lounge of my hostel when I randomly overheard someone saying, in Spanish, something about ´she´s from Russia, but lives in the US...´ which sounded... really familiar. So I turned around to eavesdrop better and it´s Diego the hostel clerk talking, and he proceeds to put Begin to Hope on the hostel speakers. Then an Australian woman, from across the room, yells, ´she´s my favorite!´

Diego went on to say that he heard BTH two years ago when an American hostel guest left him a CD, and then went online and bought the rest of her albums online. ´She´s so amazing,´ he said. ´I guess music really is the world´s language.´

So there we sat, three people from three different continents, listening to the music of an artist from a fourth continent and talking about how this music had touched our lives. In a tiny hostel in a faraway corner of the planet sometimes known as ´the end of the world.´What are the chances?! Big Grin

Wow, that's amazing. It sounds like a dream!

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