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i love you all.

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Thanks everyone! Just sharing the joy because I couldn't be much happier about the whole thing. I really do love this place so much. We have so many wonderful and talented stixers who do such amazing things. It's great to be one of y'all!

Originally posted by lennonist:

Huh, my dentist's name is Dr. David Bell too. I don't like him.

Good luck in Pennsylvania, Jamie. Turn those teeth a whiter shade of pale.

LOL... maybe it's time to find a new dentist?!

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So I thought I'd bump this because lately I'm feeling such stix love. I've been perusing the Adele forum (because I'm obsessed with her for some reason I can't quite put my finger on) and they just have nothing on you guys. You all are the best. <3

so, without further ado... I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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Oh, this is lovely, a thread to express your love! ♥

I am just at the moment digging deeper into these pages and I'm so happy, I would want to read everything at once if I had the time!! The discussions about songs and their meanings make me so happy and remind me how much they mean to me ugh, that almost makes me cry, at least a bit teary I swear. Such beautiful songs and lyrics and I don't really know any people to discuss them with so it's nice to read your opinions!

Love you all Big Grin even I don't know you yet!

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