Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

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Hi - I am Raph's dad and I am affiliated with a theater which might be willing to allow a small performance by invitation only for Stixers and their guests.

It would not be a publicly advertised event probably but a small performance of an hour or less is she wants to do it and if she has time and has no contractual obligations that prevent it.

I have already spoken with Regina's management and it depends entirely on her schedule and whether it can be worked out logistically and whether she simply has the time and energy to work it into her crazy schedule.

So Raph asked me to post this to ask you to respond once again to his poll so we (and Regina's management) can see if there is sufficient support in this community for such an event and how much you might be willing to pay for it.

The space seats only about 150 and with standing room has capacity for about 199 persons (including staff). It is in the East Village in NYC in the St. Marks Place neighborhood. It does not serve alcohol and would be an all ages show.


Think about it and let us know and I will let her management know to take a look at the responses and see if it is even possible.

If there is sufficient interest I will post more details.

This event may be a private fundraising event to benefit a historic performing space in St. Marks Place on 8th St. in the East Village.

Keep in mind that this is only a poll to see if there is enough interest for me to approach Regina's management again with a specific set of possible dates etc.

If you all want me to proceed and you have an interest and are willing to support Regina in this way, let us know by responding and posting comments.


BTW, I reset the polls so feel free to use them Wink.

Oh yeah, any lurkers out there who might have some thoughts, I encourage you to join and post them Smiler

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Count me in as well! But it depends if I have some money. It'll be an extra challenge if it's anything more than $100. Heck, if I have to bring my guitar and play random songs at subway stations to earn some extra moolah, I'd have to.


I think my head just exploded a little when I started thinking if this were to happen, all the songs she played are the rare ones, e.g. Braille

Back of a Truck


I Cut Off My Hair



Happy Hooker



Holy shiz, somebody stop me lest I spontaneously combust by thinking of the endless possibilities.

What, a girl can dream, right? Heh.



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I'd definitely be willing to chip in! And I could probably contribute up to $250 (though I would prefer $1-100, which is why I voted for that). if anything, my bigger concern is what day it would be. Since I'm taking graphic design classes next fall, I can't miss too many (I'm already going to miss at least one for Radio City). But this would be truly awesome if we could get it done Smiler

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The amount of money i would be willing to shell out would increase tenfold if there were a possibility of Spektris playing as the opening act! Obviously im talking about hypothetical as of yet unearned busking money for this hypothetical gig....

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Hi - Raph's Dad again ---

If you could come how many people (not stixers already on this list) would you be able to get to buy tickets and bring with you? (Friends of Brumstixers, Regina fans etc.).

I met with the Theater owner yesterday and looked at the venue again (I had seen it a few years back). It is sort of near Thompkins Square.

The owner said that if we can't do it in the near future we might be able to arrange it later in the year or even next year. But right now the space is available almost every night through September when it will be leased to a new arts tenant.

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Firstly, I really commend the initiative to get something like this going. I think the people that post here very much appreciate Regina's music in a way that other people may not.

In theory, I would be able to donate in the $100-$200 range. As for how many people I could bring, that would all depend on the date on whether or not school has started yet, but I will be there regardless.

Thank you very much to Raph and Raph's dad. This is a really exciting opportunity and I would be willing to do my part to make an incredible night happen.

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