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Beacon Theatre - June 17, 2009

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I'm gonna mirror it somewhere. I'm just having a little dilema. There aren't the usual "do not convert to lossy blabla" notes in the info file so I'm not sure whether it'd be ok with the taper if I uploaded it in mp3 or whether I should rather keep it in flac Confused

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There's a recording up on Dimeadozen!!!

Regina Spektor


Beacon Theatre, New York City, USA



CA STC-9000 > Edirol R-09HR > Peak Pro 6 > xAct > flac (16bit/48k)


Orchestra, row U, left

Taper: hennwill (Hennessy Williams) -


TT: 88:49

1. Folding Chair

2. Lucky Penny

3. Time Is All Around

4. Eet

5. The Calculation

6. Machine

7. One More Time With Feeling

8. On the Radio

9. Blue Lips

10. Riot Gear

11. Laughing With

12. Bobbing for Apples

13. That Time

14. Apres Moi

15. Human of the Year

16. Poor Little Rich Boy

17. ??? (Friendly Neighbors)

18. Consequence of Sounds

19. Man of a Thousand Faces

20. (Encore Break)

21. Samson

22. Us

23. Fidelity


download folder: mediafire HERE

Click on each song for MP3 download!! Beautiful recording of a beautiful show - +A. Thanks to the taper.

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What incredible show! Absolutely mesmerizing. I think it maybe the best Regina show I've ever been to. Every song she just nailed. Human of the Year was incredible.

Before I started filming, she mentioned how when she did Consequence at home she was the most "badass MC" and then she messed it up at the show. Razzer

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I came up to NYC from Philly just to see the show (I didn't get home til 6:45 AM -- the trains stopped running!).

It was a fantastic show, but a few things bothered me. First and foremost, if you were on a balcony (which I was), the Beacon Theater's acoustics were TERRIBLE. The volume was very, very low, and sometimes it was hard to hear Regina over people talking. Very annoying (though certainly not Regina's fault).

Secondly, I was super excited that she played Lucky Penny, but her performance of it was pretty bad. I remember her voice going extremely off key at one point. I'm not too upset about it though; her performance is demanding, she was bound to make a mistake once in a while.

And I guess the final complaint is I feel like Regina was absolutely plowing through the songs at record speeds. She got on about 9:15 and ended around 10:45, including the encore break and all the talking with the audience. In that time, she played 22 songs. She squeezed a lot into that pretty short period of time, and I think at time the songs suffered. For example, besides forgetting the lyrics to Consequence of Sounds (which I thought was funny), she raced through the song really quickly, which kind of sucked because the whole song is lyrics pretty much, which are meant to be heard! However, in other cases, like Poor Little Rich Boy, when she went really fast, I had no problem with it, because it was funny as hell (andyouthinkthatyoushouldbutshethinksthatshe'sfatbutsheisn'tbutyoudon'tloveheranyway).

All in all, I had a great time. It was the first time I saw Regina where she was actually headlining.

A question though...does she EVER play anything from 11:11? I was extremely surprised she played anything from Songs...

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She could of been on a time constraint or nervous...but i'm glad you all had a great time and i'm extremely grateful for all the recordings especially holocaust song..

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Yay!!! I was hoping these would be here when I woke up! Thank you guys!!!!

Edit: these are great recordings, so clear! The new songs sound superb live, as we suspected, and I looooove Riot Gear. Holocaust Song (is that what we're going to call it now?) is beyond words.

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