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Regina on WFUV on June 23, 2009

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Did a little research, that's what I've found:

7:40 AM and 4:45 PM, Take Five: Regina Spektor chats with Rich McLaughlin

- downloadable as a podcast (already subscribed)

9 PM, Words and Music from Studio A: Regina Spektor is Rich McLaughlin's guest in Studio A.

- no podcast, WFUV does stream

WFUV streams in various qualities (did comparison between the 64K AAC and 128kbps mp3, recommend the mp3). It's quite easy and no cut-offs during. Unfortunately, 9pm NY time is 3am old-world-plus-one-hour time!

I'm looking forward to this, love reg's radio performances.

Btw I'll be recording the live stream (128 kbps mp3 one) is anyone else recording, you know, to make sure we have it covered?

^^That was premature of me, I won't be able to record it as I have to get up very early the next morning, so please, someone record...

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If someone sends me a reminder email at about 8:30pm at

I will hopefully get a decent enough signal to record this off the FM receiver onto a digital recorder at 16bit wav quality.

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