Quotes by Regina.

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Originally posted by Klachopis:

I saw an awesome little interview clip on youtube one time where Regina went off about how people can get too conscious of their outward appearance, how '... their music has to match what they read, and their books has to match their clothes, and their clothes have to match their friends,' or something like that. (NOT a direct quote.) I thought it was genius. But when I looked for it later, I couldn't find it. Did anybody else see that clip? Is it still out there, somewhere?

i just could find it with those subtitles

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This thread is kind of dead, but this silly quote is too cute.

Usually my cut off time to eat is three hours before I play. If I’m super hungry and I forgot to eat, I’ll eat something, and then I eat too much, and then I’m holding burps back the entire time. I know I’ve done it off the microphone, but people still heard it. I’ve done it more than once.

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Not only a fantastic solo performance but full of Reginaisms:

'I just blush and play and blush and play'

'Everyone says awww when I say Baby Jesus, and then they hear the song, they say 'you're twisted'

'Make sure you got that' (after almost tripping over her guitar)

'Thank for you shutting up' (sweetly after telling someone to shut up)

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