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Universal Edibility or live show recordings.

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Hello all,

I'm not new to Brümstix, but this is my first posting. I've benefited so much from all the wonderful postings you've all done in the past, and I do think it's about time I contributed to the message boards! I've recently been trying to find mp3s of certain shows that are not on either or I think we can all agree these are the most well-known and helpful of any regina live-show recording-providing sites. As for the shows not featured on those two, for instance:

2005-05-01 Le Ciel

2006-02-01 Cabaret Voltaire, UK

2006-02-04 Shepherds Bush Empire

2006-04-08 Montréal, Cabaret Music Hall

2006-07-06 Accelerator Festival

2006-08-21 The Liquid Room

2006-10-25 Portland

2006-10-26 The Moore, Seattle

2006-11-02 The Avalon, Hollywood

2007-02-10 Trinity Arts Centre

2007-02-15 Manchester

2007-09-16 Austin City Limits Festival

2007-10-03 Bogarts

2007-10-10 Detroit Show

2007-10-27 Bridge School Benefit

2007-11-07 Warehouse Ballroom,

2009-06-26 Glastonbury Festival

2009-06-29 Hyde Park

2009-07-12 T In The Park

2009-08-18 Barnes and Noble

2009-09-15 Michigan Theater

2009-11-02 Orpheum Theatre

2009-11-12 Nokia Theatre

2009-12-08 Stockholm, Sweden

2009-12-16 Gasometer Vienna

2010-01-21 Joshua Bell (Lincoln C)

2010-04-27 Sydney Opera House

2010-04-28 Sydney Opera House

2010-05-27 White House

2010-07-03 Open'er Festival 2010

2010-10-10 SWU Festival

2010-10-13 Santiago, Chile

2010-10-16 Corona Fest

Also, does anybody know where to get recordings of the songs that regina did from the film "Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control"?

I also want to put myself out in the Brümstix world as a good listmaker, and if anyone wants a special list of anything regina related, like for instance a list of live recordings by song (which I have made), or other things like that, I'd be glad to make one.

Thank you all,

Universal Edibility

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yes = I have
no = I don't have and WANT

2005-05-01 Le Ciel - yes
2006-02-01 Cabaret Voltaire, UK - incomplete (I only have songs 6-8 and 13-15)
2006-02-04 Shepherds Bush Empire - yes
2006-04-08 Montréal, Cabaret Music Hall - yes
2006-07-06 Accelerator Festival - er, I have a concert labeled 2007-01-26 Accelerator The Big One, Stockholm, Sweden

2006-08-21 The Liquid Room - no
2006-10-25 Portland - yes
2006-10-26 The Moore, Seattle - no
2006-11-02 The Avalon, Hollywood - no
2007-02-10 Trinity Arts Centre - no
2007-02-15 Manchester - no
2007-09-16 Austin City Limits Festival - no
2007-10-03 Bogarts - no
2007-10-10 Detroit Show - yes
2007-10-27 Bridge School Benefit - yes

2007-11-07 Warehouse Ballroom - no
2009-06-26 Glastonbury Festival - no
2009-06-29 Hyde Park - no
2009-07-12 T In The Park - no
2009-08-18 Barnes and Noble - yes (video)
2009-09-15 Michigan Theater - yes

2009-11-02 Orpheum Theatre - no
2009-11-12 Nokia Theatre - yes
2009-12-08 Stockholm, Sweden - no
2009-12-16 Gasometer Vienna - no
2010-01-21 Joshua Bell (Lincoln C) - yes
2010-04-27 Sydney Opera House - no
2010-04-28 Sydney Opera House - no
2010-05-27 White House - no (I think the videos are on youtube)
2010-07-03 Open'er Festival 2010 - no
2010-10-10 SWU Festival - no
2010-10-13 Santiago, Chile - yes
2010-10-16 Corona Fest - yes

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