Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

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"Someday you'll grow up

And then you'll forget
All of the pain you endured
Until you walk by a sad pair of eyes
And up will come back all the hurt

And you'll see their pain as they look away
And you want to help
But there's just no way
'Cause you won the war so it's not your turn
But everything inside still burns"

very mainstream sounding yet it still has regina-esque vibes alll onn itt. 

omg, all new songs on this album!!! I CANNOT. I legit,. cant. THIS JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN.



Can you tell I am excited?

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I AM SO STOKED! I just preordered my copy! Trying to figure out how to download the Bleeding Heart Single, but the Warner online store isn't showing it to me yet.



ETA: Gotta listen to the single on Spotify or Apple Music and the like. Whoops. Pressing play now!

The single should come as a link to a download in an email. Did you not get an email?

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I was expecting to hear Stay or Party Upstairs but all new songs???? Never would I have guessed that. In a way, it may be nice to hear all new songs because she may have a new concept or arch going on in the new album and it would be difficult to choose an older song to put amongst newer and different ones? Just a thought.

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I still was hopeful for 8th floor lol but I'm content with the two recordings I have. I'll add Stay and Party Upstairs to my collection of unreleased live songs (I was holding off listening to them because I didn't want to spoil new album songs).

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