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Interviews & Appearances

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Post any video, audio, articles or text interviews you find here. Discussion is welcome! I figure I'm just going to try to stick to this new thread from now on...

I also run RESPEKT Blog! Follow for more updates :)

th = thread link

In the thread links you may be able to find more info on the interview/performance, reviews from brumsixers who were there, photos, downloads, and more!


HelloGiggles Live Chat 7/8/16

Nerdist Interview 8/9/16

Facebook Live Q&A 9/30/16


Entertainment Weekly Interview 8/8/16

Loud and Quiet 'Death, motherhood & other things' 9/7/16

BBC Radio '6 Questions' 9/10/16

BBC 'White Lies and Sad Songs' 9/20/16

Telegraph 'On Trump, Brexit, and Motherhood' 9/25/16

COS 'How to Make a Heart Explode' 9/26/16

Noisey Interview 9/28/16

Esquire Interview 9/28/16

KCSN Live Session 9/30/16

Rolling Stone 'Talks Colorful New LP' 9/30/16

NPR "I see my family in everybody" 10/3/16

Chicago Sun Times Article 10/5/16

Reddit AMA 10/5/16

TV & Other Misc Performances

Alcaline "Black and White" 9/27/16

Late Show with Stephen Colbert "Bleeding Heart" 9/27/16

Late Late Show with James Corden "Small Bill$" 9/30/16


Past Threads

Interviews & Appearances 2009

Interviews & Appearances 2010

Interviews & Appearances 2012

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