Possible 11:11 Vinyl?

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A few weeks ago, Regina replied to this tweet: 


What do you guys think about having a re-release/reissue of 11:11 on vinyl?

I would think it would be hard to make since all of the photographs from 11:11 were lost on some hard drive.


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Hmm I would love to own a copy for sure, because I love the album! Back in October of last year someone also asked her about a reprint of 11:11 in the Facebook Q&A and she said: "It's on my very very long to do list, I think it's been on my 'I have to get this done' list probably for a decade now. So I'm very sorry about that.. It is possible and I'm going to do it at some point. (...) I'm going to reprint it at some point and make physical copies. And then you can have one."

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